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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Senior Design Showcase

Yesterday, from 11am to 5pm seniors and juniors showed projects they were working and will be working on for the next year. Three projects in particular appealed to me. Wakeup Word Speech Recognition, Lunar Raiders Autonomous Robot, and Eye Tracking software. All three are computer engineering projects and one of the benefits of senior design at this school is the ability to cross majors to work on projects allow you to broaden you skills. Yesterday was the first time I ever programmed any piece of hardware. It was an LCD on the Lunar Raiders dev board, now I am hooked.. The speech recognition is an area of research done by Dr. Veton Kepsuka here at Florida Tech, and it still could use some work. What I would propose maybe is a generic API in .NET/C++ which allows you to easily integrate his speech into your existing program. Anyways I'll try to make my decision and see how it goes from there.

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