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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Camping out

My school has this weird tradition, where students that wish to sign up for the on campus apartment have to "camp out" outside of the housing office until its opened. This is all because of the first come first serve policy. The signup for Southgate apartments are this Sunday, yet I am in a tent from Wednesday because of the crazy attitude of Americans wanting to be the first. This kinda thing isn't uncommon in here though. Just last year there were millions in line waiting for the playstation 3 and nintendo wii so I'm not very surprised. The tent isn't all bad though except the the fact that as summer in Florida approaches the days are getting warmer.. and by warmer I mean 25 degrees Celsius with no wind.. So I sit patiently between classes in my tent waiting until Sunday to attempt to get a single room for my last 2 semesters at Florida Tech.

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eugi said...

Remember last year when you cut the line? Hopefully nobody will ever find out, especially those guys with tents on the tennis courts!