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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Experimental Language?

After exploring ideas about my senior design project, a friend and I have come up with an idea to produce a programming language. I know your probably like.. yea right do we really need another language? But its clear that there is always room for innovation in programming languages and language design in general. So far we've decided that it's going to be a .NET language and it's going to be C style. One very interesting idea I had was based on a statement I read in C# Team Wes Dyer's Blog, "One of the criticisms leveled at design patterns is that they are simply formalisms to address weaknesses in programming languages.  They require the human compiler to generate code whenever a specific recurring problem is encountered that cannot be solved directly with language support" you can read the post here. This makes me think, "how would a language be if it was based purely on syntactic sugar?" There will still be support for doing stuff "manually" for those die-hard programmers, but the majority of developers out there, want to be productive; this is a major strength of C# and Java (Not dissing C++ :)).  Managed code is more "manageable" in general. The LINQ project was a major effort to bridge the gap between data and the programming language. The convenience of not having to worry about memory allocations, and cleanup is nice. Most programmers want to avoid all the plumbing to achieve a task; they want good libraries and a good language that supports those. So our attempt will be to based the programming language on the developer, and make a new and familiar syntax for expressing algorithms.


Jonathan said...

it would be interesting to see if u can come up wid a language that is almost like english. where what logic u thinkg about u type it IN ENGLISH and some complier translate it to another aready resource efficient language. i like to writemost my stuuf in assembly language cause i believe in using prossor power and not memory. maybe u could write a language to this effect.:(

Anonymous said...

FowlSharp :)

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